My Raspberry Pi Projects

I had my first Pi in 2015; I have 9 of them now and I’m trying to keep them busy at all times! Here are all the current projects running on a Pi in my house:

Torrent VPN + Samba Server

(Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb RAM + SSD 8Tb) That one taught me how to use Docker: The Torrent Client (i.e. Transmission) runs via Docker which prevents it from running without a VPN.

More details:

My Plex Media Server connects to Samba so I can watch my videos from anywhere.

Web Scraper

(Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb RAM) Another fun project: The raspberry Pi crawls review websites all day and scrapes some content, then generates “clean” JSON to feed a WordPress. More details:

e-ink frame

(Raspberry Pi zero W) I thought that would be cool to have a kindle-like photo frame; the Pi connects to my Google Photo account and grabs a random photo to display it on the screen every 10 minutes.

More details:


(Raspberry Pi 2) That one is using my very first Pi! It takes a picture every minute and creates a timelapse video. The idea was inspired by the magnificent view Vancouver offers!

More details:


(Raspberry Pi zero W) I never paid too much attention to that one but thought it was cute and I could learn something new.

More details:


(Raspberry Pi zero W) I still have a bit of soldering to do… but it works, and that’s pretty neat to recycle an old iPod!

More details:


(Raspberry Pi 3B) I was thinking about buying a 3D Printer for a while, and I’m glad I did (Kingroon KP3S).

My kid is probably even happier than I am since it mainly prints toys and cool additions to the existing ones (e.g., extra tracks for hot wheels, lego-compatible support for wooden train tracks, marble run obstacles etc.). For me, it’s useful to print random stuff for my random projects (see useless box).

More details:


(Raspberry Pi zero W) I use that one for various testing and learning some electronics. I also have an Arduino because a Pi running Linux is an overkill to make a LED blink

Bonus: Arduino – Useless Box

Useless by definition, but that was fun to build. I had to 3D print a bunch of stuff, learned how to use Arduinos, and had to remember how to write some C 🙂 and the result is, as promised: useless.

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